Press Release for June 17 Literary Walk in the Woods

Press Release for June 17 Literary Walk in the Woods, CMSP

CMSP continues its summer season of the Literary Walk in the Woods on June 17, featuring Nebraska writer, Mari Sandoz, (1896-1966).  

Mari’s realistic portrayal of pioneer reality in the Sand Hills of Nebraska in her classic book, Old Jules, broke the rules and infuriated some, while others recognized the genius of her writing.

A tireless researcher, Mari traveled the desolate reservations of the Midwest in a Model-T Ford to meet tribal elders who remembered firsthand the characters she immortalized in Cheyenne Autumn, Crazy Horse, the Strange Man of the Oglalas and The Battle of the Little Bighorn, which some critics say is the best book ever written on the subject.  She wrote several more historical and fictional books, including the acclaimed Great Plains Series.

Mari carefully made carbon copies of over 25,000 letters she wrote during her literary career, some written from her cabin in Estes Park, during the time she lived in Denver. They reveal a humorous, unflinching, brilliant personality.  Five of these little known letters will be shared at the program.

Sandoz received many awards during her lifetime and is regarded as one of the most outstanding western writers in America. The Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center in Chadron, Nebraska memorializes her life and work.

This program will be presented by Lucy Bell, with portrayal of Mari Sandoz by Pat Cooper.

Where:  First hour: Visitor Center Classroom, CMSP.  Second hour: a one-mile easy walk on Zook Loop Trail.

When: 9:30 – 11:30, June 17, 2017.

Reservations: Encouraged but not required. 719-576-2016